Kurt Feldhun
The Flamin' Groovies Movie
A feature length documentary about the legendary Flamin' Groovies. Directed by Kurt Feldhun and William Tyler Smith.
Fishin' Impossible (web site)
The official web site for Fishin' Impossible. Kurt Feldhun is the director, editor, composer and co-host of this television show which airs on ESPN International and WFN in the United States and Canada.
Fishin' Impossible (full episode)
A full episode of Fishin' Impossible featuring Charleston, South Carolina. Kurt Feldhun is the director, editor, composer, and co-host of this outdoor show which runs on ESPN International in over 72 countries.
"Hired Gun" Bad Brains music video
This video for the legendary band Bad Brains was directed by Kurt Feldhun. It premiered on MTV's 120 Minutes.
"Tearing Down Our House" Music Video
Music video for Mark Evans. Directed, shot, and edited by Kurt Feldhun. Produced and Art Directed by Josephine DeMichele.
"Building One House" (Excerpt)
Kurt Feldhun edited this short film Narrated by Robert Redford and featuring music from Pearl Jam. this film tells the story of Red Feather Development Group, a non-profit empowering Native American communities to build straw bale homes on reservations. It aired in parts on the Oprah Winfrey Show and resulted in Oprah awarding Red Feather's founder, Robert Young, her Use Your Life Award and $100,000.
Bitches With Sticks
Listen to the full Bitches With Sticks album.
Kurt Feldhun :guitar, backing vocals
Troy Lund: Drums, vocals
Brent Powel: bass
Lee Hiner: vocals
Josephine's New York
Here's a fantastic New York-centric web site that I'm doing with my dear friend Josephine. She's the host and I'm the director/editor. Check it out. You're sure to be amused.
Baby Candy Records
Home of Baby Candy Records. This label is owned and operated by Kurt Feldhun
Nikol Kollars
This is the web site for Nikol Kollars(Delesh vocalist, super multi-talent and great friend)